Our Services

Software Licensing, Hardware support & Implementation, Network Structure

Knowledge on IT

As Ortak Teknoloji, we try to keep our experience and experience gains to the maximum while we serve our customers in many different sectors.

Service Experience

Uninterrupted and long-term service is indispensable for us.

The short-term business relationships are not for us.

It Support Services

Server Installations

We are the partner of leading producers like HP, IBM, Dell for easy management and flexible, scalable and economical server models; Installation, commissioning, operating system installation, software and hardware configuration solutions.

Wireless Network Setups

Wireless Communications Access Point devices in major constructions such as offices, factories, hotels, hospitals, etc. are provided by Ortak Teknoloji to implement in your Cisco, Ubiquiti brands infrastructure.

Virtualization / VmWare

As Ortak Teknoloji, we offer our customers a more affordable, more economical and trouble-free virtualization solution with our VMware solution partnership.

Network Services

Using our experience and know-how, our company provides infrastructural services for the use of electronic business, mobile access and building management systems in buildings, on campus and in wide areas.

Sofware Services


Best Softwares in Cafe's & Restaurants


Leader in local ERP development


World Leader on Cloud Hotspot Systems


Make no sense. It is Gsuite by Google

Sustainable Information Infrastructure

Installation and implementation of an equipment is not enough, it should be kept up to date and be tracked. It is our job to keep up with this change in our age when technology is constantly moving.

Maintenance contracts

Customer special packages, computer support provided by expert teams.

Tech Consulting

All necessary infrastructure for your company's technological needs.

IT Analysis

We analyze your infrastructure, your IT equipment, your licenses and provide you with the right solutions.

5/8 - 7/24 Support

Agreements that you can receive on a continuous basis outside working hours during working hours.

Cloud Computing

Future technology Cloud computing solutions, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud

Web Services

Trust us your web pages, use your e-mails safely with Domain hosting.

We export IT services

As one of the partners of International Computer Support Companies in our country, we export IT support abroad and provide value added services.